Water & Flood Damage in Mclean, VA

When you discover water or flood damage in your McLean, VA home, you need to act fast. Water can quickly seep into floorboards, base boards, and drywall creating an environment that mold and mildew thrive. The best thing you can do in this situation is to quickly call a professional remediation company like We Restoration to restore the impacted area to its previous condition.

We Restoration serves homeowners in the McLean, VA area, by restoring homes after a water or flood damage event. Discovering standing water in your home requires a timely response to prevent mold growth, so we respond promptly to every call.

No Two Flood or Water Damage Events Are the Same

There are plenty of variables when it comes to a home experiencing water or flood damage. Standing water may enter in different areas of the home. The volume of water differs from situation to situation. The materials or personal belongings that collected moisture differ from one home to another. These situations may require different solutions depending on the type of damage or mold involved.

That said, we have fine-tuned our remediation and mold extraction processes over our years of experience. It starts with 24/7 availability and immediate responses to your calls. We work to efficiently remove standing water, dehumidify the area, and create an environment that is inhospitable to mold growth.

We'll dry out carpets, hardwood, drywall, and other impacted surfaces. We also handle sewage backup and overflow calls on a routine basis. Our crews understand the importance of cleaning, restoration, and mold prevention. We'll ensure high air quality and make sure the area is restored to its previous condition before we leave.

Flood and Water Damage Can Create a Health Hazard

When water and flood damage aren't immediately addressed, the lingering moisture levels can create an environment conducive to mold growth. While many molds are harmless to human health, some prove toxic and can produce a variety of health symptoms, including:

  • Allergy symptoms such as runny nose, eye irritation, sore throat, or a wet or dry cough
  • Headaches
  • Brain fog
  • Chest pain
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Autoimmune symptoms including joint pain

Hire a Flood and Water Restoration Expert in McLean, VA

Flood or water damage can be a traumatic event for a homeowner as there is a lot at stake. It is important to act fast if your home or business has been impacted and contact We Restoration. We have around the clock availability and treat every call with the same sense of urgency. If you've experienced water or flood damage in your McLean, VA home or business, contact us today!

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