Mold Remediation in Takoma Park, M.D.

By the time you’re aware of a toxic mold issue in your Takoma Park, MD home, it may already be widespread. Mold can cause serious structural damage to your home, and significant health issues for you and your family. That’s why if you smell mold or suspect its growth, it’s important to call a professional mold remediation company like We Restoration right away.

Mold remediation and removal is a detailed process and it’s important to enlist experienced professionals as soon as possible.

The Mold Remediation Process

Some molds are harmless and simply grow from the moisture around the sinks and bathtub. But if you suspect that mold growth in your home goes beyond that, time is of the essence. Make sure that you call an experienced professional before it spreads further.

Below are the steps that We Restoration takes in the mold remediation process:

  • Inspect and Test the Area – We walk the suspected area using state-of-the-art moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to detect a water source.
  • Understand the Scope of the Work – After the inspection, our team of Takoma Park mold experts determine the size and scope of the project, using IICRC mold remediation standards and regulations. We’ll provide a proposal at this stage.
  • The Remediation Process – We’ll set up the containment area and establish negative pressure. We use filtration devices with a HEPA filter (these stop 99.97% of particles with a diameter equal to .3 micron). We put a strong emphasis on proper containment to keep the rest of the house clean.
  • An Emphasis on Quality Control – Our quality control team checks all our work sites to make sure the crew executed the job according to our high standards.
  • The Equipment Continues to Run – The job is not complete until the equipment has run to clean the air within the environment for an additional 48 to 72 hours after the completion of the physical work. We use air scrubbers to ensure there are no airborne mold spores in the contamination zone.
  • Equipment Pickup – We’ll perform one last walk-through to ensure we didn’t miss any details. There’s a final quality control survey at this point to ensure that the job was done right.

We’ll Find the Root Cause of Mold Growth

Mold remediation isn’t complete until we find and remove the root cause of mold growth. If a moisture source is allowed to remain, mold would continue to thrive in a damp and dark environment. If a pipe continued to leak after the remediation, the mold would simply grow back.

The conditions within the immediate environment must improve for the area to remain mold-free.

Hire a Professional Mold Remediation Company in Takoma Park, MD

Professional mold remediation within your Tacoma Park, MD home can be a health and safety issue. Toxic mold can also cause structural damage to your home. If you suspect mold growth, it’s important to act fast. We Restoration is an experienced team of mold remediation professionals ready to help you.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss potential mold growth, contact us today!

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