Mold Remediation in Rockville, MD

Looking for a mold remediation & removal company in Montgomery county? We Restoration crew are certified experienced and licensed professionals to complete any mold remediation project big or small, whether it is for your office/business and your residential home. We provide mold testing and mold remediation services to the property owners and renters in the entire city of Rockville, MD and Montgomery county.

Our Local Mold Remediation Procedure:

  • Mold Inspection & testing - We will walk through the damaged and affected area using top of the line moisture meters and thermal imaging camera to try and detect the source.
  • Build a scope of work and proposal - During the inspection, Our rockville mold expert will build a scope of work based on IICRC mold remediation standards & regulations.
  • Remediation day - Our Rockville mitigation crew will set-up the containment, establish negative pressure, stage the Air filtration devices using HEPA filter ( HEPA filter is a filter that stops 99.97% of particles of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 micron). The key for a successful mold remediation starts with a good containment, The containment serves as a barrier between the affected area to the rest of the house (clean zone).
  • Quality control survey - Our quality control personnel are responsible to check each and every work site and make sure the crew executed the job properly following all companies high standards.
  • Equipment Running - Most mold removal procedures require that the air scrubbers (air filtration devices) will work for additional 48 to 72 hours after the physical work has been completed. This is to make sure no airborne mold spores will remain in the containment zone.
  • Equipment pickup and final quality control survey - One last walkthrough to make sure we did not miss anything.

Mold Remediation in Air Ducts and HVAC Systems:

Mold can easily grow in HVAC systems and the duct system. There are a few reasons why mold grow in those systems:

  • Air handler is producing excess condensation.
  • A leak inside the air handler.
  • A HVAC built-in humidifier that works during summer time ( those machines should work during winter time only).
  • Cross contamination - If the HVAC intake is located close to an area in the house where mold grows, airborne mold spores will find their way to the HVAC unit and from there spread in the entire duct system and the entire house or office space.

Choosing mold Inspection & Remediation Company in The DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) Area

We Restoration is an IICRC certified firm and carries the highest level of workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. Our field crews are experienced, screened and certified and they will make sure that our customers' homes or businesses get quality and safe remediation treatment. If you feel mold is present in your property, do not wait, call us or fill in our online form and we will make sure to reach out and service you as soon as possible.

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