Mold Remediation in Reston, VA

If you are looking for a mold remediation company for your Reston, VA home, the experienced professionals at We Restoration can help. We are certified and licensed professionals with the knowledge to complete any mold remediation project, no matter the size.

Our team can test and remediate in any environment to determine whether you have toxic mold that needs to be removed. We serve both homeowners and businesses within the great Reston, VA area.

Our Mold Removal & Remediation Procedure is Thorough

When you call We Restoration, the first thing we do is inspect and test the environment, to determine the presence of mold and the toxicity levels. We use high end equipment such as advanced moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera to isolate the mold source.

Our team will determine the scope of work and provide a proposal based on what they discover. Once the procedure starts, we will setup containment, establish negative pressure, and stage the air filtration devices that use a HEPA filter.

We perform our own quality control to ensure that every job is carried out to the highest standards and according to professional regulations. We also leave air scrubbers and other filtration devices running for 48-72 hours after a job is complete in order to ensure that no airborne mold spores remain.

Mold Remediation in Air Ducts and HVAC Systems

Mold can easily grow within an HVAC system, which creates an issue with the spread of mold spores. It may be that the air handler is producing excess condensation, or contains a leak. There could also be cross contamination if it is located near an area where the mold grew.

This can be a problematic issue and requires the quick attention of a professional mold remediation company to contain the issue.

Hire a Mold Remediation Company in Reston, VA

If you suspect mold in your Reston area home or business the best thing you can do is call a remediation company immediately to address the issue. At We Restoration, our certified and experienced crews know how to handle just about any mold situation, because we’ve seen it before.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a mold issue, contact us today!

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