Mold Remediation in Arlington, VA

When mold first appears in your home, it can be an overwhelming feeling. You may be aware of the damage it can cause to the structure of your home, and the negative side effects. You may be aware of how difficult and complex it can be to try to remove or get rid of the mold yourself. If it’s visible on the surface it likely goes deeper than what you see.

Contacting an Arlington mold remediation company such as We Restoration, is likely your best bet to rid yourself of the unwanted problem. We can help you rid your home of the danger before you experience any lasting impacts on your home or your family’s health.

Mold can grow in various areas of your home, so it’s important to take the right precautions when it’s found.

Signs of Mold in The Attic

Attics often have some of the best conditions for mold growth in the home. They’re dark and damp, and it’s not an area of the house we tend to spend much time in. It’s an area that you can help prevent damage by checking annually. Below are a few things you can look for to determine if you have an attic mold problem:

  • Dark stains covering wood — Any dark discoloration may be a sign that the wood is being impacted by more than just moisture.
  • Frost buildup — When the frost is visible on the underside of the roof, it’s a sign of improper ventilation, a problem that can quickly lead to mold growth.
  • Water dripping from fans or light fixtures — When the water is dripping from any electrical fixture, it’s a sign that the moisture problem needs to be addressed.
  • A musty mold smell — It’s time to be honest with yourself. When your attic has a musty, mildew or mold smell it’s time to call a professional mold remediation company or at least get a second opinion. The damage can occur fast.

What Mold Remediation Is

Professional mold remediation from We Restoration goes beyond any cleaning or removal attempts that the homeowner might make when they discover mold. Below are some steps commonly associated with our mold remediation jobs:

  • Sanitizing
  • Cleaning
  • Demolition and Removal
  • Treatment of mold contaminated materials

Mold prefers dark, moist environments, and that is often underneath the drywall of our homes. The problems can compound when these molds produce irritants and allergens that compromise human health. When some people touch or inhale mold spores, they may start to experience symptoms such as a skin rash, red eyes, runny nose, or sneezing. This is why it’s so important to find a mold remediation company that can fix the problem immediately.

Why the Best Thing to Do is to Hire a Mold Remediation Company

As an Arlington, VA mold remediation company, We Restoration can help clear out mold before there are any further health or structural problems. We can also treat infected areas, to reduce or prevent future mold growth.

Whether you’ve discovered mold in your home, or have a few mold-related questions, contact us today!

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