Why Is it Important to Remediate and Encapsulate Crawl Space?

As a homeowner, when was the last time you thought about your crawl space? It’s a space that’s almost universally neglected, but can have a significant impact on the air quality and the health of your home.

Up to 50 percent of your household air rises up from the crawl space. These areas are often dark and contain moisture, making them prime locations for mold growth. Remediation and encapsulation from a professional restoration company can improve indoor air quality, keeping your family healthier for a long time to come.

What’s Involved in Crawl Space Remediation?

Crawl space remediation is simply the removal of all mold contamination, and a thorough, professional cleaning of the area. Mold can hide behind walls or underneath floors. Any contaminated building materials would then be removed from the crawl space before restoration can begin.

It’s a bit more complex than this, as professionals work to find the moisture source to prevent future mold growth. Negative air pressure is established so that mold spores can be removed from the air to help contain spread.

A thorough cleaning of the HVAC and air ducts can also help to reduce spread. Remediation is a necessary step to contain and remove the threat.

What’s Involved in Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl Space Remediation MD

Crawl space encapsulation protects your crawl space and serves as a strong mold prevention strategy. The process is similar to sealing a swimming pool to prevent leaks. A heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is placed over the floors, walls, and sometimes the crawl space ceiling.

A dehumidifier is then used to control the crawl space humidity and moisture levels. This helps protect the area from any further moisture, and the ensuing negative effects.

Encapsulation Helps to Prevent Several Moisture Hazards

Homeowners who encapsulate their crawl space avoid:

  • The health hazards associated with mold contamination
  • Wet insulation
  • Condensation on windows
  • A musty mildew odor
  • Pest infestation

In addition to the added protection, crawl space encapsulation can help you to save on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Remediation MD

There are several benefits to crawl space encapsulation that should be considered, in addition to mold prevention.

Promotes a Healthy Living Environment – Indoor air quality is a significant issue for homeowners, especially during the winter months. Encapsulation improves the air in your home, allowing you and your family to stay healthy.

Prevents Structural Damage to Your Home – Moisture is your home’s enemy. In addition to creating an ideal environment for mold to thrive, when drywall, studs, or any building materials take on water they can rot, leading to structural damage. Encapsulation guards your home against this outcome.

Improves the Comfort of Your Home – Encapsulation can keep the floor temperature warmer, making them more comfortable to walk across during the cold Washington D.C. winter months. It can also reduce the humidity within your home.

Keeping Pests Out – Crawl spaces are a magnet for insects, termites, and other pests, because they are a prime location for moisture. Encapsulation can help control this problem.

Crawl Space Remediation and Encapsulation Services for the Washington D.C. Area

A local and professional restoration company can help you to protect the integrity of your home with crawl space remediation and encapsulation services. When this work is professionally done, you greatly improve the health of your family and your home! If you’re wondering about crawl space remediation and encapsulation in your home, contact a professional restoration and remediation company today!

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Mold Remediation

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We Restoration can thoroughly clean and sanitize HVAC systems and air ducts as part of our mold remediation projects. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) also recommends regular HVAC cleaning to prevent mold growth and keep indoor air quality healthy.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces often provide the ideal environment for mold growth. Because they are out of sight, many homeowners don’t realize there’s a mold problem until it has become extensive. At We Restoration, not only can we remediate mold in crawl spaces, but we can also provide encapsulation to keep mold-causing moisture at bay.

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