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Water Damage Restoration Washington DC

There are very few constants in this world, and one is that nature will always win. We are living on borrowed time, and there is still something that could threaten your home and your property. When it comes to nature, there is one thing that can reach almost every home in the United States, and that is water.

Water, Water Everywhere

Here in the Washington DC Metro area, we live near one of the most important rivers in the country, the Potomac, and there are plenty of others in the region like the Monocacy, the Patuxent, and the Anacostia. Those rivers shape our area.

2018 was the wettest year on record, with 71 inches falling during the year​. ​On July 8, 2019, 3.3 inches of rain fell in a single hour, unloading an estimated 3 billion gallons of water on Washington DC​ and around half a trillion gallons of water in the Metro Area. These rains produced floods from rivers and creeks overflowing their banks and from clogged or overwhelmed storm drains.

Of course, rain is not the only cause of water damage.​​To our north, Baltimore has seen numerous pipes burst, causing massive flooding and damage to parts of the city​,​ most famously ​the sinkhole that opened over the summer of 2019 and closed several downtown streets for weeks​.

Water Damage

Water is one of the leading causes of damage to property throughout the area​.​ Worst case scenario, water can wash away anything in its path, but it is more likely that water would inundate a property, causing damage and creating unlivable conditions.

Water damage can cause the foundation of a home to shift or warp, walls and roofs can crack, leading to structural damage inside the house. Ceilings can sag under the weight of trapped water or debris, and floorboards can bend and break. Leaky basements can flood, exacerbating damage to the foundation, and ​creating mold when the water drains​.

It Is Not Over When The Waters Recede

When the rain stops, the problems continue. Flooding can deposit dirt and other microorganisms wherever it touches. Silt and sediment can short-out the electrical system as it collects in the walls behind the boxes and wiring. Exposure to water can cause electrical appliances to fail as they fill with sediment. In the course of flooding, raw sewage can find its way into the home, contaminating the environment.

After the water recedes, mold will begin to grow, and it will flourish in the wet environment within 24-48 hours. Anything that it touches will need to be cleaned or more likely thrown out. Water damaged property includes carpets, drywall, mattresses, clothing, furniture, and more. Appliances will require thorough disinfection, and any standing water in the home will require remediation and restoration. Otherwise, it becomes a breeding ground for insects during the summer months. Air ducts and HVAC systems demand a complete cleaning, or you breathe in any mold remaining in those places.

A Long Cleanup Process

After a disaster like water damage, the last thing that you want to do is to attempt the cleanup alone. In flood conditions, you may think that you have lost everything in your home. It is a devastating feeling, potential financial loss, and disruption to you and your family’s lives. ​We-Restoration​ can bring your home and property back to life. We can help to make your home livable once again. Your home is a lifetime investment.

We-Restoration​ specializes in mold remediation and removal, water, smoke, and fire damage restoration, and air duct and HVAC cleaning. And we are available 24/7 for emergency service. It doesn’t matter if it is after a record rainfall over the summer, or after a pipe burst, overflowing toilet, or broken water heater. Professional, experienced, and skilled technicians at We-Restoration​​ will attest to the urgent, immediate, and responsive nature of taking care of the problem before it becomes too late.

Our company also stresses the importance of having flood insurance as well. Cleaning up after a flood, a burst pipe, or after three inches of rainfall in one hour is not a cheap or easy proposition. Insurance can mitigate the recovery process, proceed much smoother, and get you back into your home faster. We hope that this never happens to anyone. But, if it does, ​We-Restoration​ is ready to assist anyone in our covered districts; Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

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