Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-up & Restoration

A home or a business fire can cause a lot of damage to your residential or commercial property. Other than the fire itself, there will be additional damages that occur when a property fire takes place. Water damage, flooding, and smoke soot odor will most likely occur during and after the efforts of the firefighters.

We Restoration is a local restoration company near Washington D.C. serving Maryland and Northern Virginia. Our teams of professionals have been trained and certified for any type of fire and smoke damage, as well as water damage and odor control.

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Fire & Smoke Damage Does More Than Just Burn

When the firefighters leave your property, the additional damages that a fire and smoke can do to your home or business are very visible:

  • Discoloration: Walls, ceilings, and other surfaces will changes color in a matter of few minutes. Metal items and appliances will become yellow within a few hours.
  • Smoke & Fire Odor: Smoke odor will be trapped in any type of fabric in your home, such as curtains, clothing, and carpets.
  • Interior Damage: Ash and smoke can cause damage and corrosion problems to certain materials in the house, such as building materials, HVAC systems, and insulation.
  • Electrical Damage: Your entire electrical system may become compromised with damage to all electrical components.

What To Do (or Not Do) After a Fire - Safety First!

  • Check and evaluate if it is safe to stay inside the house. Please ask your We Restoration expert.
  • Try to limit moving items. Ash can get to other unaffected areas.
  • Try to shut down electricity or limit the use of light fixtures, especially when the ceiling is wet.
  • Do not clean carpets, electrical components, or upholstered furniture. Secondary damage might occur.
  • Empty your freezer and refrigerator and leave doors open.
  • Replace your HVAC filter.
  • Dispose of all open food packages.

Fire Damage Restoration Procedures

  • Documenting, inspection, and evaluation of the damages (on a daily basis)
  • Thorough ash and soot clean up
  • Water damage extraction
  • Professional pack-out and inventory of household items for an offsite cleaning and restoring process
  • Smoke odor control and air purification
  • Removal and disposal of all damaged and unsalvageable building material and household items
  • Final clean up process
  • Return of all restored household items
  • Final inspection and walkthrough

A Local Restoration Company in Washington D.C., Maryland & Northern Virginia

We Restoration is a locally-owned company located in Rockville, MD. Our teams of experts are licensed and trained to handle any type of fire and smoke damage, whether it's your commercial building or residential home that had a fire incident. Why choose us?

  • We provide restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We use advanced equipment, including air filtration devices, odor control devices, air movers, water extractors, and many more types of highly-rated equipment.
  • We are an IICRC-certified company, and we employ IICRC-trained technicians.
  • We are a certified odor, soot, and smoke control and removal company.
  • We have experience working with insurance companies.
Serving the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, including D.C., Northern Virginia, and Montgomery, Howard, Baltimore, Anne Arundel, and PG Counties
in Maryland.