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In this article, we will provide our knowledge and recommendations of how to conduct cleaning and disinfection of any type of property, whether it’s an office building or your residential house.

We set up some guidelines for facilities that had any type of virus case.

Step no.1 – Cleaning – Removing dirt, and any type of debris from  surfaces. It does not kill the virus, but by removing the top dirt layer, it allows us to move on to the next step.
Step no.2 – Disinfecting – using EPA-registered disinfectant agents to kill microorganisms on surfaces and items.

How do we make sure we are disinfecting properly?

There are a few questions we want to ask ourselves in order to achieve our disinfection goals:

Which disinfectant are we using? The EPA provides a list of disinfectants that we should use.
What type of wipes should we use? Either a disposable towel or microfiber or even a wet wipe. As long as we change them frequently. (“use the cloth once, use the cloth in only one surface, use the cloth in only one direction”)
Where are we disposing the used and contaminated towels? In a sealed bag, then following our jurisdiction laws and regulations regarding the waste.
Personal protective equipment is crucial – gloves, full face respirators, cover-all suites are our everyday outfit. This protects our employees and our customers.
Do we have enough supplies for the job? We always take extra supply, whether it’s additional disinfectants or additional rags.
Are the cleaning staff sufficiently trained? Our crews are trained and experienced to conduct any type of disinfecting and cleaning process.
How do we know that surfaces are cleaned when the job is done? ATP swab test measuring actively growing living cells on a certain surface . It is very important to test before and after, random surfaces being cleaned, in order to see if our disinfecting methods worked!

General recommendations for disinfecting and cleaning your home or office

● Focusing on Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as tables, desks, door handles, light switches, phones, railings, touch screens, remote controls, keyboards, handles, toilets, sinks, faucets and more.
● Room ventilation is necessary when using disinfectants – open the windows, door so air can circulate. (Without cross contaminating adjacent
● Use PPE – disposable gloves, eye protection and suites.
● Read the label of any disinfectant being used. Different agents have different instructions.
● Laundry – Use the warmest water possible according to the manufacturer label and dry items completely.

For more information about disinfecting and cleaning your home or business from viruses, bacteria, mold, germ etc. please feel free to call us at (301) 969-9338, we are open everyday from 6 am to 9 pm to answer all your questions or concerns.

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