9 Things You Need to Know About Mold Remediation

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While mold is found everywhere in nature, when certain toxic species are found in your home it can cause structural damage and pose a risk to home occupants’ health. It’s important for every home and business owner to understand these basic mold facts so that they can better protect themselves. 1. Mold Requires Moisture and… Read more »

Mold Inspection and Testing – Is It Necessary?

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It’s important to be up front about the necessity of mold testing. Mold in the house is a common occurrence, and simply spotting it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be tested for, or even professionally removed. For example, mold around the bathtub or on tiles is more common because of running water, and not… Read more »

Why Do I need my HVAC Duct System Cleaned & Remediated?

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Cleaning Your Home or Office Air Duct System When air duct cleaning is performed by experienced professionals, it’s been shown to remove mold and other contaminants from your home or office ventilation system, and make the indoor environment healthier. Like many aspects of mold remediation, air duct cleaning is something that should be handled by… Read more »

Mold: Is It Making You Sick?

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Professional, expert mold remediation is your only solution. Water damage caused by burst hoses and pipes, sump pump failure, sewage backup, overflowing toilets and bathtubs, water heater leaks, and faulty appliances is costly, and more importantly, it can cause health risks because of mold growth. Molds are a fungus that develops in the structure of… Read more »